How to Write a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

If you feel like you have had enough of timeshares, it is probably a good idea to take action towards it. However, before sending off a 10-page letter, take a deep breath, collect your thoughts about it and when you feel calm and composed, draft the letter. Here are a few tips on how to prepare a timeshare cancellation letter.

Get It In Writing

Buy a folder where you can store all your timeshare cancellation-related files and records. Your cancellation request should not be an email. It must be a typed letter that needs to be printed out and mailed to the timeshare provider. Have a copy of every document included in the records as well.

Include A Clear Request To Cancel The Timeshare

Clear Request

There should be absolutely no doubt regarding the cancellation of the timeshare. You must be distinct, clear and firm about the decision as well as in writing. The subject line should be something along the lines of “Timeshare Cancellation Request” or “Request to Cancel Timeshare”. The body of the letter must state the request as soon as possible. Be frank and straightforward in the first one or two sentences itself. This process might take some time, so get to the point quickly and not beat around the bush.

List The Important Details

The job of the person who receives your timeshare cancellation is to prevent you from doing precisely that. Make sure that you include the details they require to keep the cancellation request moving. The company will love it if you forget, including crucial information because it just buys them more time to ignore your claim or convince you to stay.

Make sure that you include the following details in the timeshare cancellation letter.
● The name of the contract holder
● The name of the timeshare listed on the contract
● The purchase date
● The contract number
● Membership ID
● Use bullets wherever necessary, bolden the details, and try not to hide this vital info in the middle of a paragraph or sentence. Be as clear and concise as possible.

contract holder

Set Expectations

Timeshare companies make a lot of money by getting people into bad deals that decrease in value faster than automobiles. When you want to get out of it, it is their job to keep you in as long as possible. In the letter, make sure to include that you are not interested in a beneficiary transfer, resale or any type of ownership opportunities. They might try to persuade you with some of these marketing techniques. State that you require a response, from certified mail, acknowledging the cancellation letter’s reception within the next 30 days.

Send All Correspondence Via Certified Mail

contract holder

Don’t allow timeshare companies to tell you that they did not receive any letter. Send all mail through certified channels so that you can know for sure that they received the request. Do the same for any future correspondence needed in cancellation.