Things To Keep In Mind When Writing Timeshare Cancellation Letters

Do not get in the weeds when sitting down to write a timeshare cancellation letter. It is easy to get wound up saying too much of the wrong thing such as how disappointed or mad you are and too little of the right thing, like the contract details. Here are some things to keep in mind while writing timeshare cancellation letters.

Avoid getting emotional or long-winded

When fired up or fed up about something, communication skills usually take a hit. However, this is exactly when you need to be as steady-headed and focused as possible. The letter is not the should not be more than a couple of paragraphs long at the most. If you keep recounting every disappointment and misdeed you have ever experienced as a result of the actions of the timeshare company, stop and step away from the computer. Calm down and come back later to try writing the letter once again.


All you will have to do is state that you are writing to inform the company of the termination of your contract, and share the contract details they will need to review the account. It is okay to express your disapproval regarding the rising fees or inflexible dates, or whatever particular grievance there is, as long as you do so in two sentences or less. The satisfaction of the customer is not their priority, so do not waste space trying to convince them otherwise.

Avoid passive or hesitant language

There is no need to be mean or aggressive regarding the cancellation, but you need to be direct and confident about it for sure. These people are absolute professionals and can sniff out doubt on someone in a heartbeat. Try to avoid words like perhaps, maybe, wondering, if, hoping, etc. All of these point towards a doubtful insecure person, which can be detrimental in this case.


Don’t hold your breath.

As much as it seems that writing a letter for the cancellation of the timeshare is enough, it unfortunately is not that simple. Writing a letter is usually only the fundamental first step to begin the process of getting yourself out of a timeshare company. Prepare for at least six months of back and forths. In some cases, people have duked it out for as much as three years. However, it is not yet time to give up, because once you are out, you are absolutely free.

Avoid Doinfg It it alone.


Writing a timeshare cancellation letter is a great start, but don’t count on it pushing you over the finish line. Instead, get connected to trusted experts who make it their business to take on slimy timeshare companies. They know all the tricks these companies will play and exactly how to shut them down.