Why You Need A Lawyer To Cancel A Timeshare Contract

A timeshare is a distributed ownership model of real estate where multiple purchasers own a particular time of usage, generally in one-week increments, within the same property. The timeshare model can also be used for many different types of properties like condominiums, vacation resorts, campgrounds and apartments. A timeshare is a business contract, and a business contract is regarded as a binding legal document. But, this does not mean that it is final and absolute.

Timeshare companies usually encourage and even push the false notion that timeshare contracts are unbreakable and final after signing. A timeshare owner can cancel a timeshare contract for a number of reasons, which includes deceptive sales practices or outright fraud. The timeshare owner must get legal counsel as soon as possible if they decide to cancel a timeshare contract because there is a specific timeline for every possible action.

Honest Disclosure

Consumer Protection Law needs the seller to provide the customer with all of the terms and conditions regarding the purchase and full disclosure before executing a financial commitment. Here are some of the things to be kept in mind.
● Timeshares are not real property.
● The owner of the property is the developer and not the customer.
● The developer can charge the customer fees above the maintenance fees without the permission of the customer.
● Their heirs, assigns, and successors inherit all the legal and financial obligations under contract on the customer’s death.

Honest Disclosure

An experienced timeshare attorney can tell you how to get out of a timeshare contract legally. If the customer suspects dishonest or fraudulent selling practices, it is advised to contact an attorney, even if the cancellation period has expired.

The Role Of The Attorney

Timeshare sellers might say that the contract is legally bound to the customer forever and that it cannot be cancelled after the tenth day. Even though there is a clause in perpetuity binding the customer and their heirs to the contract without end, including binding heirs and successors to inherit all financial obligations, there is a way out of the mess. A lawyer specializing in timeshare cancellation law can help one exit their timeshare contract legally.

Don’t believe timeshare companies which spread the fake information of no cancellation after the rescission day because it is false. The law permits a timeshare contract to be ended if found unfair, fraudulent or deceptive sales tactics were used to sell it.

The lawyer can advise them on the choices they have in cancelling the contract. Time is an important factor in timeshare cancellations, so get a lawyer’s help as soon as possible. A lawyer can guide a person through the correct legal procedure and ultimately save them money by terminating the contract. There is a short cancellation time of ten days to cancel the contract without any fuss, but a good attorney can help exit it legally even after that date passes.